Avinash Patel | About
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Avinash Patel, better known to his friends as “Avi”, hails from the small town of South Plainfield, New Jersey. He is an engineer by day, and back in 2010, he began to take interest in photography as a hobby, which resulted in him teaching himself everything he implements into his work today.


Throughout his journey exploring the world of photography, he has developed quite an extensive portfolio, covering all areas of the photography realm from product stills, to food and corporate events, engagement and pregnancy announcements, and even model and fashion portraiture. His most favorite things to shoot are candids and artistic conceptual pieces which involve creative lighting and post production experimentation such as his most notable “La Calavera”, “Red Riding Hood”, and “Wonderland” shoots he features on this site!


Avi is currently working on building his photography business! Would you like to work with Avi and get some great shots of you and your milestone? Please get in touch with him through the contact bar to set up your photoshoot today!